Application tracking system

Application Tracking System enables Government Departments, Government Employees, and General Public to view Information regarding Applications, Medical Claims and Complaints.

This software is User-Friendly for Everyone whether he is an Officer or he is an Employee. Application Tracking System Software manages to develop the record from initial generation to completion, and include common documents as well.

This Software may also provide the functionality to manage personnel files and other administrative documentation for law enforcement employee operations. We will modify the functions and features of the Software as per the need also.

Features of Application Tracking System Software
  • Configuration of Organizational, Departmental, and Designation
  • SMS Template, Email Template, and SMS API Configuration
  • Booth Duty Card Printing
  • Employee management - Add Employee, Employee List, and Employee Log-In
  • Report management for all the Functions as Employee Report, Application Report, Application User Report, application User Log-In History
Application Tracking System image

As Per The Need, Customization Will Be Provided

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