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We at Websofy Software Pvt. Ltd., offer the best bulk email service in India. Of course, our team is always experts in delivering marketing via bulk email. We promote and brand your business at budget prices. Mass email service is the best way to convey the message to potential clients and staff efficiently.

Sending emails one by one is mobile seems to be a daunting process. But, our Websofy Software Pvt. Ltd. is giving faster response for email sending and marketing (email blaster software). It become easy and affordable because of our team. Email sending is a gateway to stay up to date and promote new launches all the time. Must use our real estate email marketing to increase engagement and get more leads.

Using our bulk email service, you can easily reach out to potential clients and your team, improving how you market your business. We also provide bulk SMS and bulk WhatsApp services, giving you more ways to connect with your audience.

Bulk email service image
Bulk email service image

What Bulk Email service is provided by Websofy?

Takes Validation Of Email Process To Keep Spam Out

Closely monitor sender reputations

Fast time delivery

Real-time delivery rates and performance analytics

Clear, and easy-to-digest data for quick analysis

Custom web for real-time updates to receive them

Drag and drop builder for sign-up

Multi-list subscription functionality

Update profile forms and subscribe pages to update

Benefits of Bulk Email service by Websofy

Email design



Targets suitable audience

Direct access

Sales tracking

Whether you are a beginner or expertise, organization to explore our Bulk Email service from us. However, we will boost the sales and build better customer relationships. Of course, our Bulk Mail service takes charge and contact storage. Contact us and get the deals!

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