Collaboration Solution

Unified communications and collaboration is versatile term that takes the various methods used in conference calls such as text, audio, video and virtual white boards and makes them available through a single interface.

IP Telephony.

IT is a technology that use’s the IP packets to exchange voice, Fax and other forms of information that have traditionally n carried over he dedicated circuit-switched connections of the public telephone network.

We provide IP telephony solutions to provide highly secure, reliable and scalable communications on your existing LAN/WAN infrastructure. This improves employee agility and productivity through integration with innovative applications.

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing provides face-to face interaction among collegues, business partners and customers without the hassle of travel. This increased face time strengthens relationships which can help drive productivity and customer satisfaction. The benefit includes Reduced travel, Cost saving, Stronger relationship, Increased productivity and improved work/Life balance. Collaboration can happen in Board room, Mobile devices, Desktop and on Cloud. We provide the solution on both platforms that is hardware and software base.

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