HR Payroll Management Software Solution

We have an expert team in HR and Payroll systems implementation and we deliver payroll management software. We implement the application related to your requirements with the management of your employee’s payroll. This payroll software has so many benefits for both small and large industries. It consist a multiple property such as user access rights, automatic salary calculation, generate PF, ESI and TDS reports, attendance through bio-metric machine and many more.

Attributes of our Payroll Management Software

  • Employee attendance.

  • Payroll processing.

  • Multiple Shift Management.

  • Salary Increment.

  • Employee Attendance Register.

  • Employee Loan/Advance Management.

  • Spot Employee Attendance.

  • Attendance Voucher Entry.

  • Employee Leave Carry Forward.


Attributes of our HR Management Software

  • Managing Payroll.

  • Recruitment and on Boarding.

  • Employee scheduling.

  • Performance Evaluation.

  • Gathering, Storing, and Accessing Employee Information.

  • Benefits Administration.

  • Learning Management.

  • Keeping Attendance Records and Tracking Absenteeism.

  • Employee Self-Service.

  • Analytics and Informed Decision Making


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