School Management Software

EDU-ERP has a suite of selective modules specifically tailored to the requirements of the education industry. EDU-ERP is engineered and designed considering a wide range of management functions within the university. With the use of EDU-ERP, staff can be more accountable as it helps to know the performance of each department in just a few seconds.

Almost all departments within the education industry (e. g. admission, administration, timetable, examination, HR, finance, etc) can be synchronized and accessed. EDU-ERP helps to assign the responsibilities to employee staff and can reduce time wastage and can speed up the administrative functions. Core functions like admissions, library management, transport management, students’ attendance in the short entire range of university functions can be well performed by EDU-ERP.

Key Features

  • Single Sign-on.

  • Multiple College Management.

  • Student Information System.

  • Employee Information System.

  • Course Management.

  • Fees Management.

  • Timetable Management.

  • Attendance Management.

  • HR & Payroll.

  • ID-Card Management.

  • Certificates and Documents Management.

  • Exam Management.

  • Transport Management.

  • Admission Management.

  • Hostel Management.

  • Library Management.

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